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What is responsible travel?

What is Responsible Travel?

How to plan your trip while respecting local environments, cultures & customs Each year, more than one billion tourists travel. By 2020, it is predicted that number will increase by 60%. Despite…

Top 5 Romantic Eco-Rentals in Beautiful BC

Top 5 Romantic Eco-Rentals in Beautiful BC

Looking for a unique long weekend getaway? These eco-friendly vacation rentals will leave you speechless. With the upcoming long weekend, it’s the perfect excuse to plan a romantic getaway from the…

PC Airbnb: Honeycrisp Cottage — Vermont

Top 4 Beautiful Micro Homes in the USA

These amazing tiny homes offer the eco-conscious traveler a guilt-free stay. Who says size matters? These trendsetting micro-homes provide unique travel experiences — using half the space. And for…