Eco Score Guidelines

Properties should meet the following criteria:

  • Property owners are committed to conservation, sustainable, respectful and responsible travel
  • The property (if a multi-room dwelling) is carbon neutral and offsets emissions
  • 100% renewable energy production – Wind, solar, geothermal, other
  • Green building or architecture – efficient use of natural energy, uses sustainable materials, low impact on surrounding landscape and ecosystem, etc.
  • Rainwater collection for reuse – rainwater is collected for toilet flushing, garden
  • Food served is organic, ethical, local, sustainable, or from a garden/farm on the property
  • Electric vehicle charge station – Property has one on the building or has access to one close by
  • Car free accessibility – Transit and walk scores are high, access to bicycle use or rentals
  • Encourages eco activities – Hiking, kayaking, wildlife watching, respecting nature,
  • Is located in a natural setting – Surrounded by nature and greenery, views, ocean, mountains, etc.
  • Smart home thermostat (Ecobee, Nest, etc)
  • Energy efficient lighting and appliances – LED, dimmers, smart home lighting; 5 star or higher appliances
  • Natural soaps, shampoos and cleaning products
  • Energy efficient LED lighting
  • An organic food garden or fruit trees that guests are able to benefit from
  • Recycling of all or most materials
  • Composting (through a city pick up, or a backyard system)
  • Is situated in nature or a natural setting
  • Has options for spending time in nature
  • Is “off the grid”
  • Only basic recycling (i.e. paper or bottles); no composting

After scoring, properties that score 50 or above will be awarded with a One DegreeTM Badge. This badge will be accessible through the property owners dashboard, along with a link to the report page.